The Panda Competition is conducted every year by the Australia China Friendship Society and is open to students from Pre-schools, Primary schools and High schools in the ACT and Queanbeyan.  The topic for this year’s competition is:  


The Dragon Boat Festival




The Dragon Boat Festival has a long history and occurs on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month – late May or June.  There are many stories of its origins. Three of the most widespread activities conducted during the Dragon Boat Festival are eating (and preparing) zongzi (sticky rice dumplings), drinking realgar wine, and racing dragon boats


Students can do a drawing or painting, create works such as a collage or 3-dimensional construction, a poem or other creative work, appropriate to the student’s age and school grade.  Pre-school, Kindergarten, Year 1 and 2 students can also enter a colouring-in piece.  

The entry should preferably be the work of a single student.  If a joint entry for more than 1 student is submitted only a single prize will be provided.

If the entry is in Mandarin an English translation must be provided.


Conditions of entry are:

·      All entries must be presented for judging and be available for the presentation ceremony.

·      Only original entries will be accepted: photocopies, scanned copies or USBs will not be considered.

·      Drawings and combination drawing/words should be no larger than an A3 sheet.

·      Sculptures or collages must have a footprint no larger than an A3 sheet

·      Essays are to be no more than one A4 page.

·      One entry per student. (Entry must preferably be the work of only that student.) 


All entries must have the following information provided on a label, that is easily read and securely attached to the entry, or they will be ineligible.

If the entry has multiple pieces, a label must be attached to each piece. 


Panda Competition 2023


School name:


Teacher’s name


Student Name (First name plus Surname)



Boy  /  Girl 

Age of student


School Year 



Entries must be received by 5pm Sunday 23 September 2023 


Entries should be sent to:             The Secretary (Panda Competition)

                                                      Australia China Friendship Society

                                                      PO Box 530 

Civic Square  ACT  2608


Judging of the entries will take place early in the school holidays and the presentation of prizes will be on a date to be advised.  When sending in an entry, please include a phone number and email contact address,so that we can contact you with the names of the winners and details of the awards ceremony.  If you are posting your entry please email , so that we can ensure it has arrived. If  you would like to deliver your entry, please email  


For further information about the competition please call Carol on 0417 041 148.