The Panda Competition is conducted every year by the Australia China Friendship Society and is open to students from Pre-schools, Primary schools and High schools in the ACT and Queanbeyan.

The topic for this year’s competition is: Chinese Musical Instruments

Music is very important in Chinese society, both historically and currently. China has a rich and fascinating range of traditional musical instruments that are centuries old, provide unique sounds and harmonies and are still in use today. These unusual instruments can be seen in books, paintings, films and Peking opera. Students are encouraged to explore all aspects and/or history of traditional Chinese musical instruments and to make their own Chinese musical instrument.  Entries can also use any feature of an instrument or make it the focus of an art work.

Please note – this topic is not about Chinese music and songs – it is about the instrument itself.

Students are asked to creatively focus on an aspect of this topic.  This can be through a drawing or, painting, creative works such as a collage or 3-dimensional construction, an essay, poem, or other creative individual effort, appropriate to the student’s age and school grade.  Pre-school and Primary students can also enter colouring in. Senior students are welcome to present a research essay on the history or manufacture or techniques used to play in traditional instruments.  If the entry is in mandarin an English translation must be provided. The entry should be the work of a single student.  If a joint entry for more than 1 student is submitted only a single prize will be provided.

The ANU Classical Chinese Music Ensemble, which plays using Chinese instruments, will be performing at the High Court on 2 September and the School of Music on 7 October.

Conditions of entry are:

  • Drawings and combination drawing/words are preferred on A3
  • Sculptures or collages must have a footprint no larger than an A3 sheet
  • Essays are to be no more than one A4 page.
  • One entry per student. (Entry must be the work of only that student.)

All entries must have the following information provided on or with the entry or they will be ineligible:

Panda Competition 2018 
School name: 
Teacher’s name 
Student Name (First name plus Surname) 
GenderBoy  /  Girl
Age of student 
School Year  

 The closing date for all entries is Friday 28 September 2018

Entries should be sent to:               The Secretary (Panda Competition)

Australia China Friendship Society

PO Box 530

Civic Square  ACT  2608

Judging of the entries will take place early in the school holidays and presentation of prizes will be on a date to be advised.  When sending in an entry please include a phone and email contact address so that we can contact you with the names of the winners and details of the awards ceremony.  If you are posting your entry please email  so that we can ensure it has arrived.

For further information about the competition or, if you would like to deliver your entry, please email

 To download the flyer, please click here


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