About Us

The Australia China Friendship Society is a voluntary non-profit organization which aims to promote friendship and understanding between the peoples of Australia and China. We have been in existence in the ACT for over 40 years. The Society holds regular meetings covering a wide range of activities, which includes guest speakers, films, dinners and celebration of the Lantern Festival.  A newsletter keeps members informed of coming activities and provides general information on issues relating to China.

We also promote and encourage an awareness of China in schools.  Each year the Panda Competition is run for ACT and region pre, primary and high schools whereby children are asked to do a drawing, painting, a creative work such as collage, 3-dimensional construction, essay, etc on a particular Chinese-themed subject. For secondary schools and Colleges the Society makes two awards: one for the most proficient student and one for the most improved student at schools/Colleges teaching Mandarin.

We support students at several Project Hope (an organisation that helps to keep disadvantaged students in China at school) schools in the remote mountainous region of Beijing.

Our major event each year is the Lantern Festival which includes a lantern-making workshop.

The Committee

President: Carol Keil

Secretary: Tanja Naeher

Treasurer: Neil Birch

Bulletin editor: Jean Norman

Committee Members: John Wong, Alex Olah, Amanda Andrews, Corinne Zhang